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   of Mark D. Edelbrock.

Norco Bankruptcy Lawyer Mark Edelbrock has been assisting clients with debt for 40 years. If you live or work in Norco, Riverside County, or beyond and have questions about foreclosures, wage garnishments, tax liens, or Chapters 7 or 13 bankruptcies, contact the Law Office of Mark D. Edelbrock.  

Call our office to make arrangements for a no-charge consultation with Norco Attorney Edelbrock. We listen to concerns and help people find the appropriate solution for their specific financial issues. Our office assists clients with Chapter 13 bankruptcy as well as Chapter 7 bankruptcy and alternatives to bankruptcy.

To gain more information regarding solutions to debt problems, call Norco Bankruptcy Attorney Edelbrock. He offers assistance as a reliable bankruptcy attorney who personally handles each case. Rather than hand off a case to an associate, our Norco Attorney works diligently towards a successful outcome for each individual client.

Debt Relief Lawyer Edelbrock tailors his advice to each client’s specific circumstances and goals. In certain cases, bankruptcy will be the right choice. In others, alternative debt relief options may be a better solution.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer for Norco, CA

If you are capable of making regular payments in order to eventually pay off your debt, you may find that a “debtor in possession” bankruptcy, known as a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, is appropriate. This can allow one to retain large assets. Call our Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney to learn more about the benefits and risks of this option. Chapter 13 can allow for workable repayment plans, debt reorganization, and discharge of remaining debt.Norco Bankruptcy Lawyer | Debt Relief Attorney

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

If you have fewer assets and a lower income, liquidation bankruptcy may be the right choice. Business owners who are unable to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy may be able to use a Chapter 7 to gain a fresh start. Individuals can clear most debt such as medical expenses, some kinds of tax debt, personal loans, credit cards, and certain judgments. Call our Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer for more information.

Wage Garnishment Lawyer

If you are experiencing wage garnishment, please contact our firm. We may be able to halt creditors from garnishing your wages. Mr. Edelbrock is an effective wage garnishment attorney who fights to protect paychecks and families from the harm that wage garnishment can inflict.

Foreclosure Attorney

It can seem that foreclosure is imminent when one falls behind on mortgage payments. Norco Attorney Mark Edelbrock has the skill to help in such situations. If you have been given a default notice or have other foreclosure concerns, contact our foreclosure lawyer for a consultation.

Bank Account Levy Lawyer

If a judgment against you has been entered due to outstanding debt, a creditor could decide to freeze your bank account. Are you experiencing issues relating to a bank account lien or levy? Fullerton Bank Account Levy Attorney Edelbrock may be able to assist.

Tax Lien Attorney

Norco Bankruptcy Lawyer Mark Edelbrock often has the right solution for clients facing back taxes and problems with the IRS or state. To learn more from our knowledgeable tax lien lawyer and discuss what to do about outstanding taxes, call our office to arrange a consultation with our debt relief attorney.

Creditor Harassment Lawyer

If a representative from a debt collector makes a harassing phone call or discusses someone’s debt with an unauthorized third party, they have broken the law. Creditor Harassment Attorney Edelbrock can explain further how the law regulates bill collectors and their activities. Our firm works to bring an end to illegal creditor harassment of our clients and help them get back on their feet financially.

Estate Planning Lawyer for Norco, California

If you would like to discuss estate planning with a skilled estate planning attorney, call Mr. Edelbrock. He will listen to your concerns, identify your goals, and help you create a sound plan to protect wealth and other assets for the future.

Call Our Norco Bankruptcy Lawyer for a Free Consultation

If your debt seems insurmountable, please call our bankruptcy lawyer. We are a reliable bankruptcy law firm serving Norco that can help with tax liens, creditor harassment, Chapters 7 and 13 bankruptcy, wage garnishment, levies, and more. Call Debt Relief Lawyer and Bankruptcy Attorney Mark D. Edelbrock at (909) 987-4707 to schedule a complimentary consultation.


When coming from Norco City Hall to our offices, start by driving south on Clark Avenue. Turn left onto Lampton Street. Turn left onto Hamner Avenue. Turn right at 6th Street. Take the 15 North. Then merge onto the 10 West. Exit the 10 using the Vineyard Avenue exit. At North Vineyard Avenue, turn right. Continue as Vineyard becomes Carnelian Street. We will be located on your left at 7365 Carnelian Street.

Norco Bankruptcy Attorney Mark Edelbrock