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Montclair Bankruptcy Lawyer Mark D. Edelbrock has gained more than three decades of experience helping clients with bankruptcies and other debt-related matters. To receive skilled legal assistance with Chapters 7 and 13 bankruptcy, tax liens, foreclosures, wage garnishments, or other similar issues in Montclair, the county of San Bernardino, or anywhere else in Southern California, contact our firm.

To arrange a no-fee consultation with Montclair Attorney Edelbrock, call our office at (909) 987-4707. Mr. Edelbrock will take time to understand your concerns. His experience and skill mean he is well qualified to assist you in identifying the right solution to debt problems. There are a variety of legal tools that can be used to resolve debt, including bankruptcy alternatives, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Montclair Bankruptcy Lawyer | Debt Relief Attorney

For more information regarding the best way to resolve financial difficulties and debt issues, please contact our Montclair Bankruptcy Attorney. He is a thoroughly knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer who handles every case himself. Mr. Edelbrock does not relegate cases to associates, but he personally fights towards a favorable outcome for every client.

Debt Relief Attorney Edelbrock offers sound legal advice and representation that is tailored to the specific needs of each client. Some individuals will be better off filing for bankruptcy, while others will not. At times, another kind of debt relief is advisable.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Individuals with a lower income will likely find liquidation bankruptcy to be the best choice. If you are a business owner and cannot file for Chapter 11, Chapter 7 may be the solution. Individual debtors may be able to clear most of their debt using this fresh start bankruptcy. This would include bills related to credit cards, medical expenses, personal loans, some tax debt, and certain judgments. Mr. Edelbrock is a helpful Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney who will advise you on whether this is the right option.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Serving Montclair, CA

Individuals who are able to make scheduled payments and eventually pay off their debt may wish to file for “debtor in possession” bankruptcy. This is often the more desirable choice for clients in possession of large assets. Skilled Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer Edelbrock helps clients to evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of each possible debt relief solution. Chapter 13 can be a means to reorganizing debt, creating practical payment plans, and possibly even discharging remaining debt.

Wage Garnishment Attorney

When a creditor tries to garnish wages, our law firm may be able to stop them. Wage Garnishment Lawyer Edelbrock can fight creditors, work to protect the paycheck, and help you avoid the potentially devastating effects that wage garnishment may cause.

Foreclosure Lawyer

If your mortgage becomes delinquent, foreclosure may seem imminent. In such situations, Montclair Lawyer Edelbrock can often help homeowners keep the home. If you are concerned about the possibility of foreclosure, or if your bank has mailed a default notice, please call Foreclosure Attorney Mark Edelbrock.

Bank Account Levy Attorney

When a judgment has been obtained against you regarding an outstanding debt, the creditor may attempt to freeze bank accounts. Are you facing a bank account levy or lien? Our bank account levy lawyer offers a free initial consultation to discuss the best means of resolving this issue.

Creditor Harassment Attorney

If consumers are subjected to harassing phone calls, or when debt collectors discuss your debt with someone who is not authorized, Creditor Harassment Lawyer Mark Edelbrock may be able to help. There are laws that limit the activities of bill collectors. At our bankruptcy law firm, we work to end unlawful creditor harassment and help clients regain control of finances.

Tax Lien Lawyer

Montclair Bankruptcy Attorney Mark Edelbrock is a skilled tax lien attorney who is often able to help clients with back taxes. If you owe outstanding taxes to the state or the IRS, please call our debt relief lawyer.

Estate Planning Attorney for Montclair, California

Do you have questions regarding estate planning? Mr. Edelbrock is a dependable and experienced estate planning lawyer. He is able to answer questions, create a sound estate plan, and draft the needed documentation.

Call Our Skilled Montclair Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are dealing with what seems like a mountain of debt, call Bankruptcy Attorney Mark Edelbrock. Our bankruptcy law firm serving Montclair helps clients with Chapter 7 bankruptcy, tax liens, wage garnishment, levies, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, creditor harassment, and other debt issues. To make an appointment for a free, initial consultation with Debt Relief Attorney and Bankruptcy Lawyer Edelbrock, call (909) 987-4707.


To find our law office when travelling from Montclair City Hall, begin by going east on Benito Street. Turn left at Central Avenue. Take the 10 East. Take the Euclid Avenue Exit. Turn left onto North Euclid Avenue. Turn right at East 16th Street. This will become Baseline Road. When you arrive at Carnelian Street, go right. We are on the left side of the street, at 7365 Carnelian Street.

Montclair Bankruptcy Attorney Mark Edelbrock