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The Inland Empire Bankruptcy Attorney at the Law Office of Mark Edelbrock has over 35 years of experience in bankruptcy matters and related legal issues. If you would like effective assistance with debt, tax liens, wage garnishments, foreclosures, or similar difficulties, call Attorney Edelbrock.

The law firm of Debt Relief Lawyer Mark D. Edelbrock provides guidance and service that is tailored to each client’s individual circumstances. Not everyone needs to file for bankruptcy. You may require another type of debt relief solution. Inland Empire Bankruptcy Lawyer | Debt Relief Attorney

To learn more about what kinds of legal actions could make a difference in your finances, call Inland Empire Bankruptcy Lawyer Mark Edelbrock. He is an experienced bankruptcy attorney who handles cases personally. Rather than hand cases over to an associate, he fights to create positive results for every client.

If you wish to meet Mr. Edelbrock for a complimentary consultation, contact our bankruptcy law firm at (909) 987-4707. Inland Empire Attorney Edelbrock is ready to listen to concerns, explain options and rights, and help you find the right debt relief option. It may be that Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or an alternative to bankruptcy is right for your individual circumstances. In any case, we work to resolve matters and find the right solution that helps clients move forward.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney for the Inland Empire

If you are able to make regular payments to eventually repay debt, or if you currently are in possession of large assets, it may be that filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is the right choice. Mr. Edelbrock is a skilled Chapter 13 Bankruptcy lawyer who assists clients in finding practical solutions to overwhelming debt. Filing for Chapter 13 can help reorganize debt and create a workable payment plan. If there is any remaining debt after the payment plan has been completed, it is possible for the debt to be discharged.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Individuals and families with lower assets and income may find that Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is best. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Edelbrock is able to help. If you think you may need a fresh start bankruptcy or a liquidation bankruptcy, please call our firm. Mr. Edelbrock has many years’ experience and can use Chapter 7 to help you start over financially.

Creditor Harassment Lawyer

If you are finding that collection agents are making constant phone calls or discussing your debt with unauthorized individuals, please contact Creditor Harassment Attorney Edelbrock. There are laws regarding what bill collectors are allowed and not allowed to do. Our bankruptcy law firm can help stop unlawful creditor harassment and put finances back in your control.

Foreclosure Attorney

If a mortgage becomes delinquent, Mr. Edelbrock may be able to help the homeowner avoid foreclosure. If you have any concerns regarding the possibility of foreclosure, or if the bank has sent a Notice of Default, please contact our foreclosure lawyer. Inland Empire Attorney Edelbrock may be able to stop foreclosure and save the home.

Wage Garnishment Lawyer

If creditors are trying to garnish wages, contact our wage garnishment attorney. Mr. Edelbrock uses various legal methods to fight wage garnishment and restore your financial situation.

Bank Account Levy Lawyer

When a judgment is given regarding an outstanding debt, bank accounts may be frozen. If you are dealing with issues such as liens or bank account levies, call to arrange a private, free consultation with our bank account levy attorney.

Tax Lien Attorney

If back taxes are owed to any taxing authority such as the IRS or the state, Inland Empire bankruptcy lawyer Edelbrock may be able to help. He is a knowledgeable debt relief attorney and tax lien lawyer who works zealously to defend client rights.

Estate Planning Lawyer for the Inland Empire, CA

If you need a reliable estate planning attorney to create an effective estate plan complete with all needed documentation, call the Law Office of Mark D. Edelbrock. He will answer questions and discuss how best to protect wealth, implement final wishes, and more.

Call our Inland Empire Bankruptcy Attorney

Are you facing what seems like impossible debt? Bankruptcy Lawyer Edelbrock may be able to help you find the right solution. At our bankruptcy law firm for the Inland Empire, we guide clients through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, creditor harassment, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, tax liens, levies, wage garnishments, and more. If you would like to arrange a no-fee consultation with Bankruptcy Attorney and Debt Relief Lawyer Edelbrock, contact us at (909) 987-4707.


If you are travelling from Riverside City Hall to visit our law firm, begin by driving northwest on 10th Street. Turn right onto Market Street. Get onto the 60 West. Take the 15 North. Take the 10 West. Use the Vineyard Avenue Exit, and then take a right when you arrive at North Vineyard Avenue. Stay on the same street as it becomes Carnelian Street. 7365 Carnelian Street will be on the right.

Inland Empire Bankruptcy Lawyer & Tax Lien Lawyer