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Are creditors harassing you? Are you receiving threatening calls and letters on a daily basis?

If you are being harassed by aggressive creditors and need help, call Rancho Cucamonga Creditor Harassment Lawyer Mark D. Edelbrock at (909) 987-4707. Attorney Mark Edelbrock has been helping clients resolve their creditor harassment matters for 34 years. Let us put our experience to work for you!

Debt Relief Attorney Mark Edelbrock provides a free in house consultation for all debt relief and creditor harassment clients. Don’t continue to live in fear of the phone and mailbox! Contact the Law Office of Rancho Cucamonga Creditor Harassment Lawyer Mark Edelbrock today to schedule your free consultation.

Under the provisions of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, creditors cannot engage in threatening, abusive or harassing conduct.  The following provides examples of behavior that is deemed harassment, and therefore prohibited:

Repeated calls after they’ve been told to cease telephone contact

Discussing your debt with third parties

Threatening physical harm unless the debt is paid

Threatening to file criminal charges for non-payment

Calling repeatedly with the sole purpose of making your telephone ring non-stop

If your debt is out of control due to a job loss, unexpected illness or injury, divorce or merely because of the current economic downturn, Creditor Harassment Lawyer Mark Edelbrock can help. When you come into the office, Attorney Edelbrock will thoroughly review the details of your current financial situation and provide sound legal advice based upon your circumstances.

Should we determine that Bankruptcy is your best solution to regain control of your life and obtain peace of mind, Attorney Mark D. Edelbrock will work diligently to file your Bankruptcy Petition as soon as possible.

Under Bankruptcy law, creditors must immediately cease and desist all contact with you once they are informed about a pending Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy action. All calls, letters, and attempts to collect money from you must stop by law. Failure on your creditors’ part to comply with this requirement can result in fines for each violation.

Rancho Cucamonga Creditor Harassment Lawyer Mark D. Edelbrock provides compassionate, cost-effective Bankruptcy and debt relief representation. Don’t let your finances hold you hostage! Call (909) 987-4707 today for a free debt relief / creditor harassment consultation.

For specific answers to your Creditor Harassment questions, please call Rancho Cucamonga Bankruptcy Lawyer Mark D. Edelbrock at (909) 987-4707 today!