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Debt Relief Attorney Mark Edelbrock is a highly experienced bankruptcy attorney who represents clients in need of immediate solutions for financial problems. Do you believe filing bankruptcy in Chino will ease your financial burden? Would your situation be helped by a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy? Do you need assistance with a wage garnishment, foreclosure, tax lien, or bank levy? Chino Bankruptcy Attorney Mark D. Edelbrock has the skills and knowledge to help find the best solutions for you.

Since 1978, the Bankruptcy Law Firm of Debt Relief Lawyer Edelbrock has been offering personalized legal services which effectively resolve each client’s financial difficulties. By handlinChino Bankruptcy Lawyer  Mark Edelbrockg all aspects of each case personally, Chino Bankruptcy Lawyer Edelbrock helps clients who are involved in many types of debt relief and bankruptcy actions. Additionally, Mr. Edelbrock does not pass a case to a paralegal or assistant. He is a vigorous advocate in court hearings on the client’s behalf.

Contact Chino Bankruptcy Lawyer Mark Edelbrock at (909) 987-4707 to arrange your free consultation. During your complimentary meeting, Mr. Edelbrock will review your situation. You will learn about your rights under the law and the ways our firm can help you achieve a better financial outlook. Whether through Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection, financial relief through Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or other alternative approaches, our Chino bankruptcy law firm can help you achieve peace of mind.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Individuals who have few assets and low income may qualify for protection under Chapter 7 bankruptcy laws. As an experienced Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney, Mark Edelbrock helps small businesses and individuals resolve financial problems with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy action, also known as a liquidation bankruptcy or fresh start bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

If you have the ability to make manageable payments toward a debt, or if you have significant holdings, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be beneficial for you. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer Mark Edelbrock creates these debt reorganization plans to effectively resolve overwhelming financial pressure for clients. After a client completes the designated payment plan, the remaining debt could be discharged, even if a balance still shows on that account.

Creditor Harassment Lawyer

If collection agencies and creditors are repeatedly calling you, if those calls contain threats of physical harm, or if any creditor has been discussing your finances with others, you have rights under the law to stop these unlawful actions. Contact Creditor Harassment Attorney Edelbrock and we can begin immediate legal action on your behalf. Our Bankruptcy Law Firm can stop the creditor harassment, and our Bankruptcy Attorney can offer you sound advice and experienced counsel to bring your financial situation under control.

Foreclosure Attorney

Are you behind on paying the mortgage, is your home headed toward foreclosure, or have you been served with a Notice of Default? Call Foreclosure Lawyer Mark Edelbrock for solutions on saving your family home and stopping foreclosure.

Wage Garnishment Lawyer

If your employer is under court order to garnish your paycheck, call Wage Garnishment Attorney Edelbrock for help in resolving this situation efficiently. As an experienced Chino Bankruptcy Attorney, Mr. Edelbrock understands the impact a reduction of income can have on you and your family.

Bank Levy Lawyer

When a bank freezes your account due to a judgment for an outstanding debt, Bank Levy Attorney Mark Edelbrock will work diligently to get your finances on the right track.

Tax Lien Attorney

When back taxes are owed, whether to the IRS or the state, Tax Lien Lawyer and Chino Bankruptcy Lawyer Mark Edelbrock fights for his clients’ rights. He resolves tax lien matters as efficiently as possible.

Estate Planning Lawyer

While skillfully helping clients in all bankruptcy matters, Chino Lawyer Mark Edelbrock is also a knowledgeable Estate Planning Attorney who drafts and designs legal documents to help clients plan for the future. In this way, Mr. Edelbrock helps to ensure the client’s assets and final wishes are clearly set forth in the estate planning documents.

Contact a Skilled Chino Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy Lawyer Mark Edelbrock serves clients in Chino and throughout Southern California with compassionate, cost-effective legal services focusing on bankruptcy, tax lien matters, creditor harassment issues, and many other debt relief concerns. Don’t let your finances stress you out! Contact our office for immediate legal attention from Debt Relief Attorney and Bankruptcy Lawyer Mark Edelbrock. Call (909) 987-4707 to schedule your free financial consultation.


When driving to our office from Chino, begin at Chino City Hall and go south on Central Avenue. Make a u-turn at Chino Avenue and take the 60 freeway East. Exit Grove Avenue. Make a left on S. Grove Avenue. Turn right on E. Holt Blvd. Turn left at S. Vineyard Avenue and continue onto Carnelian Street. The office of Bankruptcy Attorney Mark Edelbrock is at 7365 Carnelian Street in Rancho Cucamonga.

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