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Bankruptcy Attorney Mark D. Edelbrock is highly experienced at representing clients who are in need of immediate debt relief solutions in Alta Loma and throughout Southern California. Whether you are filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or whether you are looking for help with foreclosure, wage garnishment, bank levy, or tax lien, the Law Office of Bankruptcy Lawyer Mark Edelbrock is ready to help you.

Since 1978, Bankruptcy Lawyer Edelbrock has provided personalized legal representation to effectively resolve his clients’ financial troubles. He handles each aspect of every case, personally representing clients in many debt relief and bankruptcy matters. In addition, as an experienced Alta Loma Bankruptcy Attorney, Mr. Edelbrock will not pass your case to an assistant or paralegal. He will advocate on your behalf at court hearings.

Contact Alta Loma Bankruptcy Attorney Mark D. Edelbrock to discuss your situation. He will review your finances during a free consultation. Call (909) 987-4707 and arrange for your complimentary meeting and learn the ways Debt Relief Lawyer Edelbrock can help you to a better financial situation. Whether it is with a Chapter 7 protection, Chapter 13 relief, or another alternative approach, our bankruptcy law firm is skilled and knowledgeable to help you through these challenging times.

Bankruptcy Law Firm | Debt Relief Attorney

As an Alta Loma Bankruptcy Attorney, Mr. Edelbrock handles financial matters for clients in many debt-relief and bankruptcy matters, including the following areas.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

If your situation involves little income and few assets, you may qualify to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. As a skilled Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer, Mr. Edelbrock assists individuals and small businesses who are looking to resolve financial issues through a fresh start bankruptcy or liquidation bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Individuals who have significant assets or the financial ability to handle manageable payments may benefit from Chapter 13 bankruptcy. With this form of personal bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Edelbrock helps clients create a debt reorganization plan. In this way, the client’s remaining debt may be discharged after the designated payments have been completed.

Creditor Harassment Attorney

If you have endured repeated calls from creditors and collection agencies, if those callers have threatened physical harm to you, or if a creditor has discussed your debt situation with others, please call Creditor Harassment Lawyer Mark Edelbrock for immediate action. We can stop creditor harassment and offer sound advice to get your finances under control.

Foreclosure Lawyer

Have you become behind in paying your mortgage payments, have you received a Notice of Default, or are you looking for ways to keep your home out of foreclosure? Call our office and discover the ways Foreclosure Attorney Edelbrock can save your family home and stop the foreclosure process.

Wage Garnishment Attorney

Has your income been reduced because your paycheck is being garnished for an outstanding debt. We understand how this can have a significant impact on your life. Wage Garnishment Lawyer Edelbrock can help you get this situation resolved efficiently.

Bank Levy Attorney

If a judgment against you has caused your bank to place a hold on your bank account, call Bank Levy Lawyer D. Mark Edelbrock to help get your finances back on track.

Tax Lien Lawyer

If you owe back taxes to the state or the IRS, Tax Lien Attorney Edelbrock can fight for your rights and help resolve these complex matters as quickly and favorably as possible.

Estate Planning Attorney

In addition to helping clients with bankruptcy matters, Alta Loma Lawyer Mark Edelbrock is an experienced Estate Planning Lawyer who helps clients plan for the future. By designing and drafting these legal documents, Estate Planning Attorney Edelbrock ensures each client’s assets will be distributed in accordance with their wishes.

Contact an Experienced Alta Loma Bankruptcy Lawyer Today  

Alta Loma Bankruptcy Lawyer Edelbrock serves clients with compassionate and cost-effective legal representation in bankruptcy matters, tax lien issues, creditor harassment disputes, and all debt relief matters. Don’t be stressed out due to your finances! For immediate attention from Debt Relief Lawyer Mark Edelbrock, call (909) 987-4707 and arrange for your no-cost financial consultation.


From the Alta Loma area, begin heading west on Baseline Road and take a left on Carnelian Street. The Law Office of Bankruptcy Attorney Mark Edelbrock is at 7365 Carnelian Street in Rancho Cucamonga.

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